Dungeons & Dragons: Idols of the Realms 2D Set - Beholder Hive

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Introducing an all new set of 2D miniatures by WizKids! These 2D minis are an inexpensive way to gain a huge assortment of miniatures and are designed to support a variety of adventures!

Our 2D set are made of acrylic and lay flat for ease of storage and portablilty.

Each 2D mini comes with it own stand.

This set is heavily inspired by many of the greatest beholder lairs know to the D&D multiverse. Inside you will find many of the creatures typically associated with the lair of these iconic Aberrations!

This set contains:

  • x1 - Gazer
  • x1 - Spectator
  • x2 - Orc
  • x2 - Orc
  • x2 - Orc
  • x1 - Orc
  • x1 - Orc
  • x1 - Orc War Chief
  • x2 - Quaggoth
  • x1 - Nothic
  • x1 - Minotour
  • x1 - Beholder

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