Pathfinder: Whirp Phunny Plush by Kidrobot

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This product is the result of a superpowered team-up between WizKids, experts in TTRPG collectibles, and Kidrobot, premier creators of huggable plush. Check out this next addition in our collection of Pathfinder plush! Crafted with love by Droven, Whirp the clockwork construct has proven a faithful and overly helpful companion to the inventor. What mysteries will you unlock with Whirp by your side? This huggable plush sidekick sits at 7.5" tall and is made with the softest premium materials and lots of love. NOTE: Orderable SKU is KR68350 See the other plush in this collection: Pathfinder: Droogami Phunny Plush by Kidrobot (SKU: 68351): Other: Pathfinder: Droogami Phunny Plush by Kidrobot - WIN (

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