Mythic Arcana

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The Apocalypse. Götterdämmerung. Ragnarök. It goes by many names, but in the end there are only ashes. The heavens have fallen and in their wake a void beckons to be filled. Mythic Arcana is an epic card and dice game about the creation of a new pantheon from the remains of shattered ones. Choose your gods wisely and use them to battle the opposition. Only one pantheon can reign supreme.

In Mythic Arcana 2-4 players will take turns summoning gods through the roll of dice. Recruit gods to do your bidding: alter dice results, destroy enemy gods, and unite the ultimate pantheon.

Each round, all players roll their dice. Starting with the lowest values, a player will choose to summon a god from the available gods on offer.

The first player to obtain a god in each domain: Heavens, Life, Wisdom, War, and Death, will be victorious.


  • 76 Tarot Sized God and Monster cards

  • 4 Reference Cards

  • 12 Dice in 4 colors

  • 1 Rule book

*Metal coin not included

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