Soda Smugglers

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Lawmakers are cracking down on soda!

Earn the most soda and bottle caps to become the Soda Kingpin.

One bottle per person is the new law — thus bribes, suitcase inspections, and arrests are on the agenda.

Each round, one player takes a turn in the role of a border guard while the other players act as travelers. In a quest to acquire coveted carbonation and its accompanying bottle caps, the border guard tries to confiscate as many sodas as possible while only the cleverest travelers will sneak across with their fizzy contraband. After each player has been the border guard (twice in a 3-4 player game, once in a 5-8 player game), the game ends and whoever has the most bottle caps wins!

Why You’ll Love It

Bribing & Bluffing Distilled to Pure, Bubbly Fun

Whether you have a small group of 3 players or a large group of 8, Soda Smugglers hits the table hard and fast. It's perfect as a quick, simple filler or multi-session party pleaser. Featuring highly interactive mind games between players… will the border guard accept a big bribe, or will they try to make an even bigger arrest? Will the travelers trick the border guard into arresting them, or will they sneak through with soda-packed luggage? There’s plenty here to quench your thirst for fun with addicting gameplay and optional event cards.

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