Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea

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Greetings, adventurer! In your paws is a sourcebook for the world's favourite roleplaying game. Unfurl your dog-eared map and leave port for a campaign and setting unlike any other - The Faraway Sea! Many exotic creatures call the Faraway Sea home. Play as awakened animals of all races in your travels, including an orangutan, sea otter, albatross , and more! What's in the book? Rules for creating your own awakened animal characters: a gazetteer packed with information, plot hooks, and mysteries. A bestiary stuffed with villains, monsters, & potential friends, including 10 new playable animal species & 25 non-player characters! 6 new classes and subclasses, 11 ever-changed islands to explore, filled withadventure, danger, and magic. 3 thrilling adventures to plunge you deep into the world of the Faraway Sea. 10 battlemaps and an overworld map. 14 new magic items, and much much more!

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