Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal

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August 1942: The Solomon Islands. Japan occupies the Solomon Islands, interfering with Allied supply lines in the South Pacific. In a surprise attack, the Americans capture Guadalcanal and its invaluable airstrip. As the Imperial Navy struggles to regain and strengthen its hold on the Solomons, the U.S. must press its counterattack in order to seize control of the island chain. Axis & Allies: Guadalcanal challenges 2 players to command fleets of ships, direct aircraft, and deploy ground forces in order to dominate the enemy in one of the crucial campaigns of World War II. This version contains updated miniature sculpts, Airstrip tokens, and rulebook containing answers to FAQs. Features: Classic Axis & Allies gameplay set in a more focused theater of war: the Solomon Islands in August 1942. Play as the United States or Japan in this head to head battle for 2 players! Use the Battle Box to roll your dice during attacks! Over 170 plastic miniatures included! Updated the mini sculpts for several of the pieces to make them more appropriate for the setting of this game. Airstrips tokens are updated to have control markers for US & Japan on either side. Nine Damaged Tokens have been added to show when these airstrips are damaged. Updated rulebook to add any clarifications and FAQs since previous printing.

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