Warp's Edge: Anomoly

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Far from home. Deep in hostile territory. As pilot Taylor Minde, you’re no longer a rookie, but you’re up against new challenges and enemies. Your starfighter’s overclocked warp drive is now creating anomalies, little tears in the fabric of spacetime that alter situations and require you to adapt on the fly. Can you use theses anomalies to your advantage? Trust your instincts! The citizens of the OuterRim are counting on you.


  • New enemies! 2 new Motherships, 9 new enemy ship cards
  • New offense! 2 new player ships, 6 new skill cards
  • New ways to modify difficulty for all motherships through the Challenge deck
  • New mechanic Anomalies-New tokens you draw from a different bag, providing drawbacks one turn, then benefits the next.

Contents Summary:

  • 1 Starfighter Dashboard
  • 1 Mothership Dashboard
  • 1 Anomaly Bag
  • 6 Enemy Cards
  • 6 Skill Cards
  • 27 Challenge Cards
  • 27 tokens (6 Power, 9 Time, 12 Anomaly)

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