QE (Quantitative Easing)

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Spend infinite money to save the economy

Auction with Unlimited Money

Global economies are crashing. You play as one of the largest nations in the world, and it is your job to enact QE (Quantitative Easing) measures and printing money to support collapsing companies.

QE is an auction game where you bail out companies and special industries to collect the most points. And since you are the central bank, you own the money printer and you can bid whatever you want. The only limit is your imagination. Go nuts from one to thirty quadrillion.

At the end of the game, total up all your winning bids by the amount of companies and special bonus points. Whoever has the most points wins. But be careful though - if you are the country who spends the most during the game, you’re out! It's a super interactive experience that turns auction gaming on its head.

Watch out for inflation

Often times the game will have runaway inflation and might end with a final bid of $10 quadrillion. But sometimes an inflationary run will start, and then the group will pull it back because it looks like one player went too far. Other times the bids will dance around as players can get a good read on how much people have spent and no one wants to risk bidding too high.

To win the game, you'll need to play the table.

QE can play like a classic euro-style auction game with players evaluating the value of each company. Or it can play like a social deduction game with big bluffs, stare downs, and unexpected twists where players hardly concern themselves with the assets they are bidding on. Normally it is somewhere between those extremes.

How will it play in your group? Will it change over time?

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