Rifts RPG: Mercenaries

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We're back to North America to explore the conflicts and intrigue in and around the Coalition States, Tolkeen, Northern Gun, Manistique Imperium, Kingsdale And The Pecos Empire. This book is filled with exciting new Mercenary O.C.C.S, weapons, equipment, MERC organizations, information, great art and adventure ideas. Written by C.J. Carella with additional text by Kevin Siembieda. Highlights include: nine mercenary occupational character classes including the Bounty Hunter, Spy, Safecracker, and Smuggler. Rules for creating mercenaries outfits. Hints and suggestions for playing a mercenary campaign. A half dozen major mercenary companies and their key officers, Trans dimensional arms dealers, villains and D-Bee invaders. The Trans dimensional arms dealer, Naruni enterprises (scum bags almost as bad as the Splugorth), plus iron heart industries, the Manistique Imperium and more. New weapons include rifles, ram-jet rounds, force fields, aircraft, tanks, boats, power armor, demon power armor, robots and vehicles! Zillions of ideas and suggestions for adventures. Written by C.J. Carella and Siembieda.

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