Rifts RPG: World Book 2 - Atlantis

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Rifts Atlantis is an alien civilization transplanted to earth. It is a multi-dimensional kingdom inhabited by monstrous aliens dominated by the Splugorth. Ley lines are tapped by giant, mystic pyramids. Anything and anybody can be bought or sold at the dimensional market at Splynn, while the city of Dragcona serves as a haven for dragons and supernatural beings. Located in the Southern Mountains is the Gargoyle Kingdom and to the north is the Valley Of Wonders. Alien creatures lay claim to the land and others are sold at the Trans-Dimensional Slave Markets. The Splugorth and their minions are described, complete with attributes and full statistics. They include the High Lords, Conservators (Bio-Borg), Overlords, Powerlords, Slavers, Sunaj Assassins and others. There are new magic O.C.C.S, new player character races, ancient Atlanteans, bio-wizardry, and much more. Highlights include: over 20 optional player characters, including Tattooed Men, True Atlanteans, Undead Slayers, Sunaj Assassins, Stone Masters, Aliens, and others. Stone magic: the manipulation of rock, drawing power from gems, and the wonders of pyramid technology. Tattoo magic enables t-men to bring their tattoos to life, creating mystic weapons, animals and monsters. Bio-wizardry is the magic of the Splugorth. It is both incredible and horrible, using transmutation, microbes, parasites and symbiotic organisms to enslave, augment or mutate other beings. A truly unique and alien magic. Rune magic revealed! Its history, how it works, general types of weapons and a dozen specific rune items of great power. Magic weapons, statues, gems, creatures and creations of all kind. Complete stats on the Splugorth and their many minions. Atlantis, briefly described, including the Gargoyle Kingdom, The Asylum, The Refuge, Dragcona The City Of Dragons, Splynn the capital of Atlantis, The Demon Sea, Ley Line Storms and more. Illustrated by Parkinson, Long, Ewell, And Siembieda.

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