The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy

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This is the original three Mechanoid Invasion books published in 1981 and 1982 and first collected in one volume in 1998. The collection is back due to popular demand from YOU. It contains all the material that appeared in the original three Mechanoid Invasion books plus some background history. This is the game and sourcebooks that launched Palladium Books. The story of the Mechanoid Invasion is a tragic one that spans the galaxy and generations of people. The Mechanoid Invasion starts on a distant planet being colonized by humans, until the Mechanoids arrive. The seemingly alien mechanized monsters intend to strip the planet of all its resources and literally carve it up into pieces and haul it away. The loss of human lives mean nothing to them. Indeed, the Mechanoids seem to delight in capturing, torturing and slaughtering what humans they can find. Can nothing stop the destruction? The Journey follows the story of human colonists from the doomed planet surviving by living between the walls and tunnels like rats on a ship. Homeworld carries our story to the Mechnoids' homeworld in search of answers, but only more mystery, carnage and alien menaces await. All of the above are contained in this one, 208 page volume. Back in print because YOU demanded it. But this volume is also unique as it gives you a glimpse of Palladium Books from its very beginning. Enjoy.

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