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February 27, 2024
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The Captain is gone! You are the most infamous pirates on the ship, and now you must argue who deserves to be the next in command. Earn the support of the crew by sharing a Great Feat of yours, spreading a Foul Rumor about another pirate, or revealing a Creepy Secret from the deep sea. Anything goes to become the new captain! Be ready to trick and deceive your comrades with pirate tales while building your reputation. And the most important thing: do not get caught lying! Sea of Lies is a bluffing game for 3-7 players. Pick your character, learn their abilities, then decide whether you want to tell a tale or lie. Since thieves have no honor, tall tales will be told to gather the necessary votes from the crew, and it is up to others to smell if something is fishy. Each character has special abilities and must pick one of the 3 types of story: a major feat of strength, a creepy story, or a hot gossip. You can either tell a story that matches the type youve got or simply make your rivals guess which card type you got. They can challenge your tale by betting their own crew members; if you win, the support is yours. Get caught, and you lose your turn.

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