Dungeon Denizens: Judge's Screen (DCC) (Pre-order)

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February 13, 2024
March 15, 2024
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Goodman Games presents the Dungeon Denizens Game Master Screen, and an accessory to Dungeon Denizens, for your DCC RPG game. Featuring full-color art on the Player facing side, and helpful monster-related tables on the judge's facing side, this thick cardstock screen is the perfect barrier to hide all your notes from player's prying eyes. Use these tables to make your monsters weirder and more challenging at the game table, in real time, to keep your players engaged in every combat. The Dungeon Denizens Game Master Screen is a thick cardstock 3-panel screen with full color art on one side, and DCC RPG game material on the opposite side. Suitable to use with Dungeon Denizens, or any monsters from your DCC RPG campaign.

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