Dragon Ball Super TCG: Zenkai - Set 05 Booster Display (24) (B22)

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A new card type has been added to the Z Cards in the Zenkai series. They're called 'Z Extras.' They feature new horizontal designs based on techniques and scenes never before seen in DBSCG! Multitudes of effects can be activated on just a single card, giving your games dramatic battles. Cards themed around ultimate techniques seen through the ages are here! The lineup covers a wide range from Father Son Kamehameha and Gogeta's Soul Punisher to the impactful Special Beam Cannon seen in the most recent 'SUPER HERO.' Low pull rate 'God Rare' cards are included! These always send shockwaves through our user base. The designs have evolved from the previous gold reflective cards. You have to see the new GDR cards for yourself!

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