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Upon the Giza plateau, the eminent architacts of Ancient Egypt are summoned by the Pharaoh. The challenge transcends mere tomb construction; it encompasses the creation of engineering marvels - monuments destined for veneration, to elevate the Pharaoh's honor eternally towards the heavens. It's not all about engineering and labor, though. The covert rivalry among architects simmers like a concealed serpent, poised to strike. The discerning choice of which deity to entreat for blessings assumes paramount significance, as you will need the favor of the Gods to safeguard your legacy. Pyramidice is a captivation blend of dice and card mechanics, a contest where timing and skillful manipulation of opponents' tactics reign supreme. Playing fast, but with a deep gameplay, Pyramidice has outstanding replay potential and a variety of paths you can follow to achieve victory. An excellent introductorygame for neophytes, Pyramidice will also ensnare seasoned players in a suspenseful web that will capture them till the vary end. Follow your plans, build the Pyramids brick by brick, but don't forget to call upon the benevolence of the Gods!

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