9 Lives

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Are 9 Lives a myth?

Trick Taking with Visible Suits

A trick taking game where you always know what suits your opponents are holding.

Have you ever heard the myth about cats having nine lives? In this trick-taking game you’ll put that to the test. Each round you’ll bet how many tricks you can win, but be careful, every victory will add another card back into your hand to be played again! Can you outwit the other players and earn nine lives before they do?

No bad hands

9 Lives builds on the trick taking foundation (Spades, Heart, etc), but then turns it sideways.

1. The backs of the cards show what suit they are. It REALLY affects the way you plan a trick taker when you know what suits people have.

2. You take a card from that trick into your hand, after you win said trick. You'll want plenty of plays to understand all the strategies this unlocks.

3. There aren’t any “bad” hands. As long as you can predict how many tricks you are going to take, you can score.

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